Coconuts are one of the greatest gifts on the planet. No matter where you are, what you have done, how much you mistreated your body, fresh young coconut flesh, water, cream, and or coconut oil can save your life.

Coconuts consist of 90 percent raw saturated fat in a form of medium
chain fatty acids (MCFAs) MCFAs support the immune system, the thyroid gland, the nervous system, the skin, and provide fast energy.

Coconut oil contains the most lauric acid (a powerful antiviral substance) of any plant source.

They help support and regulate hormone production. They increase the production of thyroid, thus allowing the body to drop excess weight.

These saturated fats in coconut oil are vital for the health of growing nervous system in children. They contain no cholesterol contrary to animal saturated fats. (reference book Coconut oil miracle) They actually support healthy cholesterol formation in the liver.

The following benefits may be derived from consuming fresh, young, coconut water:
– an excellent nutrition source for infants
– great for rehydration
– contains organic compounds possessing growth-promoting properties
– coconut is excellent for improving muscle size and general physical growth in children.
– helps to calm urinary tract infections
– helps to alleviate the pain of kidney and urethral stones.

Caution: Fresh coconut water is not a replacement for a regular water.
Consume drinking water as well.

If you use coconut cream or oil constantly it normalizes blood-sugar levels, increases energy and thus reduces our needs for adrenal hormones.

What to look for…
Wild coconuts, Brown coconuts.
Coconut water. Use cardboard container products rather than aluminum.
Coconut oil cold pressed.
Coconut cream
Coconut flakes
coconut powder
coconut flower

Use coconut oil for all cooking needs. Coconut oil is the most stable oil at high temperatures.

Take some coconut oil and apply it to your and childrens gums and teeth to kill germs in the mouth and help to normalize oral pH.

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