NONI: Polynesian Superfruit

Noni is tropical tree native to Polynesia, especially to Tahiti and Hawaii.

Noni fruit is full of many powerful antioxidants and compounds that support health such as selenium, (skin elasticity), xeronine (cell regeneration), glycosides (defense against free radicals), scopoletin (anti-inflamatory properties).

Studies have found, that noni increases the production of white blood cells via the power lon-chain sugars (polysaccharides) which increases the efficiency of the immune system.

Noni juice is a potent antifungal, antimicrobial, enzymatic beverage.

Raw NoniLand TM noni powder and noni fruit leathers contain the same psychoactive and health-enhancing properties as the fresh noni are now available.

Tea made from noni leaves help to improve digestion, maintain normal blood sugar levels, and eliminate toxins from the body. The flavor of this tea is extremely pleasant.

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