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Many experts have proven to acerola fight cellular aging, to assist with hydration of skin and also to promote healthy capillary function.
Native folks have long used Acerola for treating fever, dysen and even for the healing of wounds. For years it has also been used as an astringent, fighting inflammation and even liver problems.
It has bene shown that Native Americans have also used it as a diueretic, healthy heart function as well as rhumatism, tuberculosis and diabetes.

You could be knowledgeable about sweeter Bing and Rainier cherries from your food market, but it’s the Acerola cherry leading this fruit group in vitamin C content. Aside form the above aforementioned benefits, just 2/3 of a cup could have approximately 4,000 mg of natural vitamin C, and one cherry contains much more vitamin C than an orange! Our Acerola capsules supply a 4:1 concentrate, and even though exact vitamin C content is not measured, be confident that they’re an organic way to obtain this important antioxidant for immune health.

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