Artemisia Wormwood

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The plant referred to as artemisia is known as wormwood within the conventional herbal literature, but recognized as capillaris, chinese wormwood and yen chen hao. This plant can be a bushy evergreen shrub that may reach two to four feet high – from 60 to 120 centimeters. The artemisia can be found in the wild within the forest of East Asia, it’s indigenous to the region of Taiwan, the Japanese islands and also the northern areas of the People’s Republic of China. The anti-microbial qualities observed in the artemisia has uses from the treating of several conditions. The plant is actually addition regarded as being a cholagogue – it really is a compound which energizes the manufacture of bile inside the liver. Artemisia has benefits and is also utilized in treating some very specific health issues.
Artemesia has the ability to treat several bladder and parasitic infections, kills bacteria, helps in treatment of malaria, aids in persistent constipation, helps alleviate stomach pain and jaundice while acting as a liver tonic.

Artemisia annua is often a time-honored botanical herb used widely by traditional Chinese natural medicine. Wormwood capsules feature 100% pure, full-spectrum artemisia powder.

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