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Andrographis has multiple checmicals found which produce an antioxidant benefit as well as anti-inflammatory. Extract of Andrographis paniculata was discovered to prevent creation of oxygen derived toxins such as superoxide hydroxyl radicals lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide  in vitro system. Has been shown that it may aid in Colds and flu, upper respiratory infection as well as hinder cancer development.
Andrographis paniculata is undoubtedly an herb popular in China, India, along with other countries in subtropical and Southeast Asia. The fresh and dried leaves, and also the fresh juice from the whole plant, happen to be utilized in a number of cultures. In traditional Chinese medicine, andrographis can be used to aid a healthy digestive, cardiovascular, and urinary systems. In Sweden, andrographis has been utilized in excess of a decade as being a primary herb for the winter months.

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