Vitamins and minerals in apricots will help protect your heart and eyes, in addition to supply the disease-fighting results of fiber. The prime beta-carotene content of apricots means they are important heart health foods. Beta-carotene helps protect Cholesterol levels from oxidation, which could alleviate problems with cardiovascular disease.
Apricots include vitamins and minerals including vitamin A that promote good vision. Vitamin A, an effective antioxidant, quenches molecular destruction of cells and tissues. Molecular damage can injure the eyes’ lenses.
The degenerative effect of foreign bodies, or oxidative stress, can result in cataracts or harm the circulation to your eyes and cause malecular degeneration. Scientists who studied over 50,000 registered nurses found ladies who had the biggest vitamin A consumption lowered their risk of escalating cataracts nearly 40%.

Apricots make the perfect way to obtain fiber, which includes enlightening benefits including reducing constipation and intestinal conditions which include diverticulitis. But a majority of Americans get lower than 10 grams of fiber each day. A nutritious, whole-food diet ought to include apricots as being a delicious approach to supplement your fiber intake.

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