Mango is mainly grown in tropical regions. There are numerous cultures globally which use the fruit and leaves for ritual purposes and decorations. Mangoes are extremely therapeutic for people struggling with acidity. The mango and its enzymes aids you to relieve indigestion problems. The Bio-active components including Esters, Terpenes and Aldehydes contained in mango aids to ease digestion.
Mangoes contain a high level of soluble dietary fiber pectin and vitamin C  which helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels. 
Mangoes are abundant in vitamin e which helps regulate sex hormones and boost sex drive and also enhances concentration and memory.
Mangoes are useful to children who lack concentration in studies as it contains Glutamine acid which is good to boost memory and keep cells active. A great acne remedy is simple, slice a mango into thin slices and keep it on your face for 15 minutes, then use warm water to wash your face. The mango helps clear clogged pores on your skin that cause acne. the mango is naturally rich in iron, so people suffering from anemia can consume a mango with dinner. Women that are pregnant and weak form menopause should also consume a mango a day.
A recent suggestion states, that before you go to bed put some 10 or 15 mango leaves in warm water and close it with lid. Drink it the next morning on an empty stomach, which is told to prevent cancer and heart disease, due to the high antioxidants present in the mango

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