Pineapples are a member of the bromeliaceae family and are composed of many flowers whose fruit-lets are fused around a core.
each fruit-let has an eye which is the spiny part on the pineapples surface. the main and most important enzyme in pineapple is bromelain.
Bromelain has been found to be a great anti-inflammatory great in reducing swelling and aiding in sore throat, arthritis, gout and acute sinusitis. Pineapples are extremely high in antioxidants and an excellent source of vitamin c. The antioxidants help in combating against cancer causing agents. Pineapples possess a high content of manganese which is essential for energy production. Other studies suggest pineapples aide in the prevention of macular degeneration. Pineapples also help regulate the gland responsible for thyroid, while helping to combat infections in the body and actually prevents nausea. In closing some boxers eat the stems of the pineapple for its proven ability to prevent bruising and swelling. Other studies produced, reveal the stems also defend against ovarian, breast, lung, colon and skin cancer.

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